Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire | Razor Wire | Secure your boundary

The easiest way to keep intruders away from your boundary is to make it appear difficult to overcome. That’s why barbed wires have been used successfully for decades in restricting the entry into any area. Its spiky appearance affects intruders psychologically and tells them to stay away. Although barbed wires can be cut through heavy-duty tools, its mere presence becomes a hurdle that needs energy and resource to overcome.

What makes barbed wires a big hurdle to cross? The numerous spikes that protrude outside like nails become a big danger for anyone crossing as it can bring wounds or at least can entrap invader if he or she tries to bypass over it. Barbed wires in comparison to razor wires provide less protection when it comes to humans. This is because a razor wire can injure an unprotected human, but barbed wires can only help if the tip of wire touches the evader. Barbed wires have been very helpful in stopping animals from entering a boundary like wild dogs, stray cats, cattle, pigs etc.

Nagyal Technology provides international standards in barbed wires that are legal to install anywhere. Steel wires that are tough to cut-through and resistant to weathering make our barbed wires the best choice for securing your boundary wall top.

Barbed wires are one of the easiest to install and takes almost no time in secure-lining any area. But it is recommended that any trained personnel handle barbed wires as it can severely injure anyone unprotected or amateur in handling the wires.

Our barbed wires are provided at a very affordable rate and you won’t find differences in the price quoted in the market. Barbed wires come in several varieties having different gauges and either single, double, round or flat wires. Most often a set of two wires that run parallel to each other twisted at continuous regular intervals, usually 4 to 5 inches, is used. Double wires deliver extra resilience against cutters or pliers and are break-proof.

Our expert service professionals are just a call away and can install barbed wires at your location, so you don’t let any unprofessional hurt himself installing the wires. Secure your home and land with a barbed wire boundary today.