CCTV | Security Cameras | Surveillance system

Surveillance is becoming a necessity day-by-day as the number of unforeseen events are rising. Your home is probably recognized as one without any check on outsiders if there is no camera installed on your exterior. CCTV is a must facility in your home to keep an eye or at least know the intruders you have an eye outside.

We keep your CCTV data secure

With advance secured protocols, your CCTV data is stored on a secure hard drive whose access is restricted. Hence the name Closed Circuit Television.

Our amazing surveillance system package

With one DVR and CCTV camera, you have access to more than 170° angle of view of your exterior. But our amazing CCTV installation packages do not come with a single camera. You get multiple cameras with the subscription of a package that comes along with installation service charges.

Variety of Camera Sensor Powers

We bring you a range of camera variety so you can adjust according to your requirements. Night vision cameras, motorized cameras, wireless cameras and a big variety of image sensors is what you can find in our inventory. Wireless cameras offer you a networking setup so you don’t have to install signal wires around your home and can still cover up your area with the surveillance system.

Starting from 2 Megapixels up to 16 Megapixels camera sensor resolution, you have the power and security to observe even minor details around. But that’s not enough. These branded cameras come with a year of guarantee, so you have the security over your investment too. The whole of the outdoor surveillance system is water-resistant and can withstand tough environmental conditions such as high temperature and high moisture.

Don’t go for cheap cameras

You might find incredibly low price offers in the market that is attractive to an extent. But that might be a trap since high-quality brands are not cheap and these cheap CCTV systems have very less life. Their cameras are not resistant to tough environment outside and camera sensors are of low quality that starts to give faded picture over time. Go for a top-quality brand when choosing something that is responsible for your security.

Feature-rich DVRs

Your DVR is the brain of your surveillance system. Nagyal Technologies install DVRs that can run 24/7/365 without your attention and maintenance. Easy to operate and configure, these DVRs have the most reliable hard drives inside that are stable even on a high rate of read/write operations and are meant for heavy-duty operation. With just a button, you can pan or zoom around, look for past events with proper time log and perform a lot of other operations.

Just give us a quick call and our service personal comes at your doorstep for installing the whole surveillance system.