Chain Link Fencing

Chain link Fencing | Galvanized Chain link fence | Steel Mesh wire

Nations secure themselves by boundaries, so does your home and office requires either of a boundary or a chain link fence that should stand tough against all unwanted intruders. Chain link fence is a metal wiring mesh that can be installed as an alternative to grey concrete walls around your property. It has some nice look and feel of a symmetrical pattern of mesh and is also rough and tough in its physical attributes.

Chain link fence wire is made up of steel wires and its gauges vary from 1 – 2mm to high thickness of 5 – 10mm. Mesh size also varies, and nominal sizes are readily available from Nagyal technologies with custom size available upon demand.

Protection no more a protocol

We provide chain link fence wire that is equipped with zinc coating technology called Galvanization to stay against weathering and rust for a longer period. Zinc acts both like paint and an oxidation protection agent. It oxidizes itself instead of the steel wires inside to keep the inner structures of mesh wires strong. Galvanization stays a premium build item and is only provided where costs are not the priority. Nagyal technologies provide the best and premium chain fencing wires keeping you protected for years.

Protect your gardens and lawns

Chain link fencing is a perfect solution to safeguard your garden and lawn species against animals and other activities. Chain link fencing around gardens often becomes the perfect boundary coupled with a steel pipe frame and can also act as a mini gate at the location you desire. You can choose between mesh size and protect your lawn against pests and small animals sneaking inside.

Painted chain link fencing

Often users demand coloured chain link fence that matches your surroundings or the theme you want to adopt. For these customers, Nagyal technologies keep the inventory of painted and colour-coated chain link fencing wire. This colour coated steel mesh wire comes in different technology of colouring. These vary in how the colour coating is applied and either or not the galvanization coat exists beneath. Inventory consists of most popular colours including red, black, white and green colours. But nevertheless, you can order your custom demand to us anytime.