Fire Alarm

Fire Alarm System | Fire Safety system | Smoke and Heat Detectors

Unforeseen events and mishaps don’t come with an intimation. So, one should always prepare itself for an urgent response to take hold over the situation. Unfortunately, a fire event is a situation which can be controlled as easily as quickly it is done. The more you are late, the difficult it becomes to extinguish a fire.

Here comes the benefit of automation that can alert you within seconds of a fire ignition event. A fire alarm is an electronically controlled device connected by a triggering mechanism (a smoke detector or a heat detector).

New Smart Addressable Alarm System

Nagyal Technologies caters all levels of customers; from small households to complex multi-unit buildings. Therefore, we felt the need of the new smart addressable alarm system which decreases the reaction time for an emergency by notifying the fire detection unit which is triggered. We have a team which can survey your complex/buildings to give you the best guidelines in the process of installation of suitable alarm system. The conventional fire alarm systems also trigger at smoke/heat event, but they do not notify location of device that is triggered.

Additional fire safety units

With multiple options at Nagyal technologies, you can make the fire alarm system smarter and efficient by keeping you notified of the events through your smartphones or SMS. This service is meant for owners/personnel responsible for emergency hazards. In this way, a set of decided responses can be deployed more efficiently when a chosen personal is intimated the earliest. Owners are aware of any event even if they are away with the time log of activity.

There Are Two Types of Detectors:

Smoke Detectors – an early warning

Smoke is the first thing that comes out, even when the actual fire isn’t ignited yet. The smoke can be of from fire of any kind. Be it an electrical short circuit, or a fire from flammable source, smoke detectors work in a fail-proof manner. It’s early warning than the conventional heat detectors make it a choice for many facilities.

Heat detectors – choice for small areas

As the technology for heat detectors depend upon sensing heat or a thermal anomaly in the area, heat detectors are best suitable for places where flames are the top source of large fires. So that, kitchen and garages are best suitable for heat detector fire alarm system. These need to be installed in higher number to cover larger kitchens.