Razor Wire

Razor wire | Barbed Wire | Stop intruders bypassing over walls and fence

Razor wire is a boundary securing longitudinal steel or galvanized wire which is attached with a set of razors in a 2D plane which runs at a continuous interval. These razors have characteristics of a sharp edge and sharp corners. These set of razors work in tandem to minimize the area unprotected and the chance of invader to bypass unhurt. The speciality of a razor wire that distinguishes it from the barbed wires (see more details in products) is its small distance between intervals of the razor. Therefore, it is suitable for both protection against both threats, animals and humans.

As the number of crimes and terrorist threats is rising, the need to protect sensitive facilities or buildings has also increased leaving administrations with no chance to compromise on security. A low height wall that can be easily jumped over by intruders is itself an attraction to these threats. What makes it difficult to overcome is the presence itself of tough-looking razor wire. Sensitive and confidential buildings such as army complexes, schools, government institutes, and banks are some of the high-security areas that should have razor wire installed over their boundary walls and other unprotected red zone areas.

These razor wires have the feature of quick deployment in case of sudden need of security or protocol movements. Nagyal Technologies delivers these wires in a safe container that can be stored and quickly brought to remote areas where there is a sudden need to secure the boundary.

Unlike the barbed wires, razor wires are better in protection as they have a bigger diameter of steel inside. As the number of razors in each interval of distance increases, it makes highly difficult for an invader to make the spikes of all razors turned into inactive position.

As usual, Nagyal Technologies also makes sure that these razor wires are delivered to customers at the best possible quality. To ensure we comply with our mission and values, we deliver what we claim and what we promise. We keep in mind that our technology and services are to make your homes and other spaces secure. So, there should be no mistake in our procedures and no poor-quality issues every time. That is why our razor wires and its installation services are recognized as one of the best in industry. We keep our clients in confidentiality to maintain the status of their security and do not unleash their privacy at any cost.

Application Areas :

♦ Residential societies

♦ Group housing societies

♦ Factories

♦ Schools & colleges

♦ Farm houses

♦ Hospitals

♦ Godowns

♦ Airports

♦ Embassies & VIP areas

♦ Prisons

♦ Border areas

♦ High security zones