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Widely used for road safety and traffic alignment, road barriers have a high utility in keeping an efficient traffic flow and prevention of vehicles from falling off the road in case of accidents.

Plastic Road Barriers

We supply road barriers that are valued for their high-class quality. This is because we provide road barriers that are manufactured by premium-grade plastic that is resistant to weather and does not lose strength in the cycle of hot days and cold nights. Freezing and thawing action often makes plastic manufactured items left outside very delicate. Even a small impact then crumbles whole of the product. We keep our products standard high by using superior grade plastics and resins in our traffic safety products.

Road safety equipment has high importance in maintaining the safety of vehicles on the road and delivering a message to drivers to stop or go along an area. Durable, high-class road barriers are used by large contractors working on civil infrastructure development. Their requirement of quality on equipment is relatively high so Nagyal Technologies keep their standards above nominal level to fulfil the demand.

These are also known as water-filled barricades because their weight is increased by pouring water inside to decrease their velocity of momentum upon impact.

Not only we claim the superiority of grade used in the manufacturing, our clients using these barriers who test the quality in labs is also an indication itself of our claim.

We attain complete client satisfaction by targeting the demand of users.

Steel Road Barriers

Advance technology in road barriers involves the use of steel pipe frames or W-Beams that are installed on both sides of the road’s longitudinal direction.  They provide a tough resistance against the impact of even heavy vehicles and prevent them falling off the road shoulder. This is because they include a foundation that is dug inside the soil for an intact position.

Night vision signs and stickers

Stickers and reflectors that are compliant to NHMP rules are also available for clients who require reflective stickers or cat-eye reflectors to be installed on these road barriers. However, this feature would be available on option to customers.

Vertical Panel Road Barriers or Vertical barricades

These road barriers are helpful in delivering a message via sign and to block or change lane direction of traffic flow. Usually installed where there is a change in number of lanes and the traffic must be slowed down and moved into fewer number of lanes.

More types of road barriers are available and can be delivered at your site or doorstep. Contact us for your queries and quotation.